About Us

A photograph is life distilled and preserved for eternity. An expressive face, a fleeting moment in nature, an abstract shape- these are the fundamentals of photography. A photograph conveys, in a way no words can, a sense of the mystery and beauty of life, nature, and the achievements of mankind.

A photograph isolates the truth, exposing to us the realities of our time: Love, Affection, Beauty,Nature and emotions. We seldom realize the extent to which photography has influenced our culture, helping spread awareness of other cultures and bring about modern globalization.

Perhaps most importantly, a photograph is something anyone can create. Tinkle Studios is devoted to all the viewers who love to explore life through camera lens. It’s our sincere endeavor to portray our imagination and share our happiness with you while capturing those precious moments.


1) Baby and Kids photography
2) Wedding Candid, 
3) Pre and post wedding. Couple Shoots
4) Portfolio Shoots
5) Travel Photography
6) Events and Shows